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10 Things That Happen When You Date a Fit Chick

When it comes to dating a fit chick, if you’re not on board with eating lots of food and your girl having a squat booty, she may give you the heave-ho! Fit Chicks are irresistible, and here’s what happens when you date one!

Counting Macros

When it’s meal time, your girl will only think in protein, carbs, and fats. But hey, that’s a good thing! If she’s cooking for you too, you know you’ll be eating clean!

The Hanger is Real

Subsequently, if she’s bulking and needs her post workout meal, she might get a little hangry!

She Cares More about her Hamstrings than her Hair Cut

Don’t get me wrong, a lot of fit chicks are girly girls at heart, but when she’s at the gym, nothing else matters except the awesome body she’s sculpting!

…But she also likes to Dress up and Show off her Hard-Earned bod!

Take her out and she’ll wear a sexy dress that shows off just how hard she crushes it in the gym.

She will Eat. A lot.

Don’t be concerned about her only eating salads. If her goal is to gain muscle, she will never miss a meal!

She ain’t Working Out for Anyone but herself! Your appreciation is just an added bonus

If you think she goes to the gym and counts macros for you, you are sorely mistaken! A fit chick is determined to mold and shape her body however she wants because she wants to. Just enjoy it 😉

Everything will become a Competition, so be prepared for Trash Talking!

Races to the store, Mario Kart competitions, you name it! If your fit chick competes with herself every day, you know she’ll throw down a competition on you too!

She loves it when you Grab her Booty in public (and private!)

Not much needs to be said here!

Tupperwear…so much Tupperwear

All that foods gotta be prepped somewhere!

She’s Loyal and Dedicated in areas that are the most important to her, which includes You!

If you are lucky enough to win the heart of a fit chick, treat her right, buy her peanut butter and don’t screw it up!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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