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4 Fitness Myths You Can’t Ignore

Seems like everyone’s an expert these days when it comes to fitness, but some “advice” might actually be myth! (Fake news, amiright?)

Here are the most common fitness myths out there that you should ignore:

1. Women Will Get Bulky if They Lift

Can we please just trash this idea already? I’ve heard it constantly, you may have heard it before, and it may be the reason why so many women seem to neglect weight training and just stick with cardio. YOU WILL NOT GET BULKY. Women simply do not have enough testosterone to get to the “bulky” level that men do. Ladies, please don’t ignore weights!

2. Spot Reduction

Have you ever seen those articles that say, “Do these ab moves to shred belly fat!” etc.? Don’t listen to them. If you want to lose fat, you absolutely can, but you cannot choose where you lose it. You can do a combination of strength training and cardio (as well as implement a caloric deficit) to shed body fat.

3. You Need A Gym Membership

Nope! If you saw my post about creating a home gym¬†you’ll know that you can get a super effective workout in your living room or garage. A gym membership is nice, but it is not necessary.

4. The Number on the Scale is Crucial

This one is absolutely false. You’ve heard it before: muscle weighs more than fat. So if you are lifting weights and find yourself frustrated that the number on the scale isn’t budging, don’t fret. Instead, focus more on your body composition (body fat %). That is a much better way to monitor your progress. You can even get a scale that will read your body fat %! You can also get a handheld body fat monitor.

So there you have it: consult a professional, do your research, and be proactive in finding helpful fitness tips that will actually benefit you!

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