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5 Fitstagrammers You Should Follow

Here is a list of my top 5 favorite men and women “Fitstagrammers” that motivate and inspire me daily.

1) Katy Hearn

What this young woman has accomplished in her early twenties (…she’s younger than me) is nothing short of remarkable. Essentially, she’s built herself an empire and motivated millions of women along the way. Her seasonal workout challenges are wildly popular and continue to grow, while her brand and business skyrocket.

2) Brittany Olsen

She’s been my #WCW in the past and for good reason! This Fit Chick doesn’t mess around. She’s like your best friend that you can always count on to tell it like it is and give it to you straight. Miss Olsen doesn’t sugar coat; she just works hard, pushes herself, and helps people by giving them the cold, hard facts about lifting.



3) Morgan Calhoon

Morgan is awesome (and a fellow Paragon Fitwear Athlete!). She is a cool, down-to-earth chick who has built a huge following by being genuine and a hard worker.

4) Sadik Hadzovic

I caught this guy on Netflix the other day (The Perfect Physique, check it out!) and was absolutely blown away by his work ethic and the sheer will power and drive it takes to shape a body like that. A renowned physique body builder and competitor, Sadik has made a name for himself at events like the Arnold and the super coveted Mr. Olympia competitions.

5) Briana Therese

Known as @bribaebee Briana has certainly made a name for herself in the Fitstagram world with her booty transformation and overall bright, positive spirit. She’s young, a working student and creating workout programs for people in need of an extra push. Talk about having it all!

Check out all these awesome Fitragrammers! They won’t disappoint, I promise!


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