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6 Fitness Trends to Try in 2017

Looking for something new to try this year? Here are a few fitness trends that will be super popular in 2017!


Aside from wrestling, Boxing is considered one of the first sports ever invented. And it’s still popular in 2017 for a reason! Boxing is one of the most demanding, cardiovascular workouts someone can do, and now with high-profile celebrities like Gigi Hadid joining the movement, boxing will become one of the top sports/workouts for women this year.


Ever wanted to try Pilates? Well now you can try Pilates on crack with the Megaformer machine. What is it? Developed by Sebastian Lagree, the Megaformer combines the core-centric and fluid Pilates with bodybuilding, where you can tone and strengthen without damaging your joints! A machine that will chisel and sculpt, AND burn fat? Yeah, this will be a big one for 2017.

Live-Stream Classes

In this day and age, you can pretty much workout whenever and wherever you want, and now with the use of streaming, you can have a guide right there with you! You may have heard of the exercise bike, Peloton, where you can live-stream spin classes without stepping foot outside, and more live-stream classes are starting to pop up this year. Want a yoga class? Pilates? Weightlifting? Yeah, there’ll be an app for that.



Personal/Online Training

Personal training will always be popular. Why? You get to have your own personal coach, cheerleader, drill sergeant all in one! But now–similar to live-streaming–you can have a personal trainer that you can essentially take with you ANYWHERE! Online personal trainers (like me!) have become increasingly popular in the last year, and will continue to boom in 2017. The convenience of having workouts designed for you without having to face the sometimes intimidating gym is something that people cannot ignore! Plus, the price is usually lower 😉


We are now right in the middle of the Smart Generation; phones, homes, and now fitness can be accessed, controlled, and tracked through your smart phone, and the surge of wearables will continue to skyrocket in 2017. Products like the Fitbit, where you can track calories burned, steps, even your sleep, are in full swing, and now wearable technology and fashion have merged to create beautiful pieces that are cute but also very helpful to track your fitness goals!

Check out the FitBit here!


Orange Theory Fitness

Featured on the Today Show and Shape Magazine, Orange Theory Fitness has quickly become one of the trendiest classes in the country! Tracking your heart rate throughout the one-hour class, OTF will work you into a target heart rate zone that will help you shred tons of fat. According to their website, their members burn an estimated 500-1,000 calories in just an hour!

Check them out and see if there is an OTF near you!

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