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7 Great Snacks for On-The-Go!

When you’re running errands, in school or work all day with few breaks, it’s hard to nourish your body with the right foods. Fast food is convenient (and let’s be honest, tasty) but in order to reach your fitness goals, you have to eat well. Here are some great snacks to munch on between meals!


Grapes: nature’s candy. High in Vitamin K, red grapes are so important for strong bones and can easily satisfy a sweet tooth!

String Cheese

One of my favorite snack combos are Grapes and String Cheese! You can get some dairy and calcium in your system as well as protein!


Forget an apple a day; Banana a day! These guys are full of potassium and a natural electrolyte replenisher! Bananas can also help decrease heart disease because they are high in magnesium, folate and B6.

Rice Cakes

Crunchy and high fiber, rice cakes are perfect for on the go snacking. Why? There’s so much you can do with them! Spread some peanut butter, Nutella, raisins, whatever!

Snap Peas

High in fiber and full of vitamin C, can’t go wrong with that! And how cute is the name? Perfect for when you’re in a hurry 😉


Almonds are the best and so full of antioxidants and vitamin E. Your bones and teeth will thank you!

Pretzel Chips

These will totally satisfy your salty side, and some actually have a good amount of protein in them too!

Still Hungry?

One of my favorite places to shop for protein snacks and awesome goodies is Vitamin Shoppe. Check out Quest products, they’ve got tons of cool protein chips and bars.

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