Fitness & Lifestyle With a Tinsel Town Twist

About Me

Hi, I’m Stephanie! Welcome to my Blog!

I am a twenty-something personal trainer and actress living in Los Angeles, CA. I love running around, lifting heavy weights, and inspiring others to live healthy, active lives as well as embracing this new lifestyle with a positive body image!

As an actor, self-confidence is a key to success. The industry is infamous for having unrealistic and unfair expectations on women. I have personally struggled with low self-esteem and depression and found that weight lifting and exercise has helped me grow to be more confident on camera and behind the scenes!

And I Want to Help You Too!

I hope to inspire others to live an active and healthy lifestyle and to show women out there that strong is sexy!

Take A Look Around!

I want to share my passion for fitness with you, and if you’re in need of some extra workouts or an online trainer, I think I can help with that too 🙂

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