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Fabletics vs. Lululemon: An Honest Review

Athleisure has boomed over the past couple of years, and for good reason. Cute sweats that make my butt look awesome? I’m IN! There are so many different brands, colors, styles, fits, etc. to choose from. So I wanted to do a little research and talk about the two that, I think, are the most opposite of each other: Fabletics and Lululemon.


Fabletics by Kate Hudson is a subscription based retailer–members will receive personalized outfits chosen for them based on user preferences and “style quizzes.” They also have a store (which I visited today) where you can buy items just like any other retail boutique.

Lululemon, founded in 1998, is a Canadian athleisure retailer that has become world famous for its yoga-inspired apparel and and eclectic style.

Let’s take a closer look at each company:

The Store

You walk in one store and you could easily be in the other one; that’s how similar they both look. Obviously going for the same kind of style.

Lululemon Store

Fabletics Store







Lululemon                                                                        Fabletics

Both store are easily navigable, sectioning off places for bottoms and tops. Both stores even have a mens’ section!

For the fitting rooms, however, I think Lululemon takes the edge from Fabletics. I’ve found that the good people at the Lulu fitting rooms are super helpful, organized, and can get you fixed up with a fitting room very quickly and easily. The Fabletics fitting room was not terrible, and the woman who helped me was VERY helpful–even starting a room for me while I was still browsing. But once I was trying on the clothes, I felt like I was on an island, alone in a world of yoga pants…in the Fabletics fitting rooms…no one can hear you scream!

Lululemon 1-Fabletics 0

The Products

I’ve been an avid Lululemon fan for a couple of years now, but I was very willing to branch out and try something new (especially at the prices of Fabletics!) Here’s a comparison of, I believe, two very similar items found at Lululemon and Fabletics.

Lululemon Wunder Unders

Fabletics Salar Capri













I chose these two items because they were the most similar in material, fit, and thickness of fabric (colors vary).

Fit: I am a 6 in Wunder Unders and, apparently, an 8 in the Salar Capri. So the sizes are definitely a little bit different. I am also 5’9″, and found that the Fabletics bottoms did not fit my long legs as well as the Lululemon bottoms.

Breathability: Personally, I am a bigger fan of the Lululemon Align pants/crops as opposed to the Wunder Unders, but both are still more breathable than the Fabletics capri. I’m not sure if it was because the Salar Capris didn’t fit me very well, but when trying them on, I found myself sweating! I could also feel like the pants would cause a very swampy feel. As someone who works out constantly and sweats constantly,  I need a fabric that is more sweat wicking than Fabletics.

Style: Both, as you can see, are extremely similar in style. They are both very cute! And both have a variety of colors to choose from.

Function: I primarily work out and lift weights in Lululemon bottoms because they seem to fit me perfectly. I was hesitant to lift in the Fabletics bottoms because of how they fit, and when I did go to the gym with them on, I found that they simply did not agree with the movements I was doing.

Lululemon 2-Fabletics 0


Both companies are not without their share of controversies. Fabletics has received many criticisms that their subscription-based system is charging customers a monthly fee (for VIP members) that is difficult to cancel. Lululemon, on the other hand, along with complaints that the apparel is simply too expensive, the company has been involved in a couple of more social controversies. Founder Chip Wilson has said some pretty “colorful” things in the past; even going so far as to say that “some women’s bodies just actually don’t work for [wearing Lululemon pants]” and also commented that the reason for some pilling of the pants arose from thighs touching too much.

Lululemon 2-Fabletcs 0 (no one wins this battle)


$100 for a pair of Lululemon yoga pants or about $50 for a pair of Fabletics…

Although I do love Lululemon, I and my bank account shutter whenever I buy a pair. It can be difficult to justify the price. But considering my line of work (where I’m wearing athletic clothes pretty much 24/7) I think I’ve gotten my money’s worth. That being said, the Fabletics line is much much much cheaper, and I can completely see people choosing it over Lululemon for price; and if they do, they will still end up with quality pants.

Lululemon 2-Fabletics 0

In Closing

I think Fabletics would be an excellent alternative to those who are sick of Lululemon’s high prices and kind of skeezy founder, but I personally am going to stick with Lululemon until I find a product that I love more. I haven’t quite found it through Fabletics, but maybe you can!

If you want to try out Fabletics, click here!



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