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Fit Tips from Hollywood Legends

It’s no secret that Hollywood has a very particular set of standards when it comes to the “perfect” figure. These Hollywood Legends, however, broke new ground by advocating fitness and healthy lifestyles through simple diet and exercise. Here are their tips!

Marylin Monroe

The quintessential bombshell, Marilyn Monroe had a famous figure that completely shattered the “beauty standards” of the 20s and 30s. In the 50s and 60s, Ms. Monroe was an advocate for healthy and fitness who loved to cook her own balanced meals and lift weights.

She used weights to tone her chest muscles and she didn’t count reps. She once said in an interview, “I don’t count rhythmically like the exercise people on the radio; I couldn’t stand exercise if I had to feel regimented about it.”

Audrey Hepburn

Audrey’s slender frame came mostly from her ballet/dance background, walking every day, and spending time outside gardening.

Nutritionally, Ms. Hepburn ate a simple diet of fruits and veggies, but some sources say she absolutely loved pasta and indulged in chocolate every day!


Mae West

Mae West, the bawdy and buxom starlet seemed to bike everywhere. She apparently rode her bike into her 80s!

She was one of the earliest advocates for using coconut oil on her skin.

Katharine Hepburn

Katharine Hepburn was a self-proclaimed tomboy who was completely upfront about how much she worked out. She loved it! Swimming, golf, tennis, you name it. She even did all of her own stunts until her 60s!

Ms. Hepburn reportedly took cold showers as a way to “build character,” and also speed up the metabolism.

Jean Harlow

This curvy leading lady loved using resistance cables and jump ropes for her workouts, and she also followed a diet (similar to the Atkins diet) when she needed to drop weight before a film shoot.


Elizabeth Taylor

Liz Taylor was not a particularly avid “fit chick” like some of us, but she was still active. While she had no specific workout regime, she would swim and horseback ride frequently as well as taking walks.

She even had “cheat” days! Ms. Taylor would indulge in tasty treats from time to time like peanut butter and bacon, but certainly an active career in Hollywood burned quite a few calories!

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