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Irreverent Warriors: Veterans Raising Awareness Through Humor

If you have ever seen a large group of men and women wearing teeny green shorts walking together in a joyous crowd, laughing and having a good time, you are witnessing a Silkies Hike run by the Irreverent Warriors.

What’s that you ask? Irreverent Warriors is a non-profit organization aiming to raise awareness about the 22 veterans a day who will, tragically, commit suicide due to PTSD. The Irreverent Warriors bring veterans together through humor and camaraderie to heal, support, and prevent veteran suicide.

I have only recently learned about the Silkies Hike, when my boyfriend (a former Marine) joined in on the festivities. The idea is that a group of former and current service men and women will gather together wearing silkies (the small green shorts that are given to them during bootcamp), and will hike 22 kilometers with a 22 pound weighted vest to raise awareness for the 22 veterans. They laugh, drink, honor and remember those who have fallen and support one another through the hike.

Even if you are not a veteran, it is not difficult to see the value in supporting not only our troops over seas now, but our warriors back home living the civilian life who are struggling with PTSD. And these men and women do it in the best way they know how, through their humor and shared experiences.

So if you see a group of men and women wearing tiny green shorts today on Veteran’s Day, join them. I promise it’ll be a good time.

To learn more about the Irreverent Warriors or give a donation, check out their website here!








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